Stuffed Grilled Tomatos

      Tomatos (round and pretty) Cut the top and Scoop the inside
   Mix in a bowl:
      Crushed Poched Egg (or soft boiled)
      tsp Mustard
      tsp Minced Sweet Onion
      1 Small Crushed Garlic Clove
      Pinch of Salt
      Pinch of Black Pepper
      Pinch of Cayanne Pepper
Stuff the mixture into the tomato and cover. Broil for 10 minutes.
Toast slices of bread and cut a round circle in the middle for the tomato to sit in.
Dice a Cucumber, tsp of Sweet onion, the inside of the tomato. mix in a bowl with 1/4 Lemon, a pinch of Salt, TBSP of Olive oil. Pour on top of grilled tomato and serve warm or cold.